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3D house

Doing (doen) Thinking (denken) Dreaming (dromen).

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3D house

3D House Doing (doen) Thinking (denken) Dreaming (dromen)

Design objectives.

Three separate large open plan rooms, each with a specific function.
  • Working (doen) the more earthly activities of making things, creating
  • Thinking (denken) the spiritual and creating.
  • Dreaming (dromen) sleep and synthesizing life
    These three elements bonded together by a large south facing glass dome.

    The dome is meant to generate most of the heating in the building. To transfer this solar warmth. The three layers of the building stick out into the dome.
    In summer the windows on top of the dome open automatically based on the temperature inside the dome. The windows at floor level will also open to allow an airflow.

    The dome easily allows for a large number of solar panels, both electical and water heating.

    The inside wall of the dome can have plants covering the surface, this will make feel of the space even more like outside and the quality of the air will improve.
    The higher level (thinking ande dreaming) are reached by stairs inside the dome.
    The main entrance to the building will be trough one of the large stones supporting the upper levers of the building and will lead you directly into the dome.

    The working space naturally is at groundlevel and has its own separate entrance so that a smal business can be run from there.
    Windows will connect the working space with the living space of the dome.

    The dome you see in the design is the result of some playing around with alternatives some of which you can see in the images. The disadvantage of the "square glass" is that each layer has different dimensions. Using a geodesic type structure will result in only two sizes of window. The example shown here has too large surfaces, an alternative with smaller windwos is still considered.

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