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Design for a radio controlled Buzzard at true scale. Control of wingtip feathers and tail

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RC sailplane Buzzard

Below you can find some design sketches for a radiocontrolled buzzard. Surfing the internet resulted in some pictures of the wings of buzzards allowing a clear view of all the feathers. Question is if it would be possible to make artificial feathers. As the model would be used for soaring only the flapping motion can be avoided.
Much thought has gone into the roll control of the bird. Turning the tip feathers will result in a significant roll force.
Pitch and yaw control will be by turning the tail feathers around to axes. We will have to build the bird to see if the control is enough.
Pitch control can be augmented by turning the wingtipfeathers around a vertical axes. Changing the complete wingshape as birds to all of the time seems impossible to a rigid wing with flexible movable wingtipfeathers seem the way to start.

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