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Beautiful woods used in a different way, text as part of the design.

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Veneer done differently

Veneer done differently.

Veneer is an excellent way to show the beauty of wood. The different types of wood available still amazes me. The vibrant colours, the textures, from hard, to soft, red and purple to black, all different shades of brown, beautiful.
On this webpage I show you a selection of the things I have made so far.

Welcome on this rudimentary webpage. If you would like to own one of my products. You can buy them from me.
All guaranteed handmade, you can specify your own design. I also make tables.
Prices on request. Pricing depends on the amount of work, the cost of veneers.
The examples you see range from US$75,- to US$150,- excl shipping and handling.
All is hand cut from the veneers, glued with Polyurethane glues and varnished with polyurethane enforced varnish. Colours, paterns and quality of the veneers may vary. Depending on available stock. The work is done by the artist himself. Designs may be altered to fit the veneers.

Complex projects for eg. businesses, yachts, cars or whatever are very welcome. I will work with you to design and make something special, that you will cherish.

More than lifesize scan of a mahogany ash combination of veneers. I specialize in the combination of veneers and letters. This is a good example of that. Remember that the internet creates some restrictions on files size, with consequencies on image quality.

42 cm (16,5") diameter; mahogany, ash. One letter goldleafed.
Extra letters in the rim and special mahogany veneer on the rim.

I have made some veneered name plates. These can be attached to your house. They are weatherprooof, but a more or less protected space will increase the lifespan. Goldleafing some of the letters is also possible. The goldleaf will be protected by varnish.

Cherrie, .... (sorry:-)) combination, with letters stuck on. One letter goldleafed. Rim is mahogany veneered. This tray has been intensively used hence the dis-colourations.

Cherrie, ash combination of woods. Diamaeter 36,6 cm, 14,4" The design is based around the lettering, which says (euphemistically) round tray. The small letters are the smallest possible at only 1,7 cm 0,67" The rim is wengé veneered. Form the photograph it is not clear, but wengé with its very dark lines makes the rim special too.

A 6 veneer combination tray. diameter 36,6 cm, 14,4". The veneers vary from the very dark wengé, to the the very red padoek. The design is simple geometric and combined with the wengé veneered rim, makes this a particularly beautiful serving tray.

A very beautiful combination, particularly the pink of the purple wood, makes this an appealing tray. Sizes 40,5cm 16" and 29cm 11,4". This tray is one of my favourites and I have made several versions. This particular one has 7 veneers (Purple heart, coromandel, padoek, ash, wengé. zebrano, mahogany) on the tray and 3 different veneers on the rim (padoek, nut and zebrano).

Sometimes we like to serve our drinks in a special way, for these special occasions I have made this small 26cm (10,2") hexagone, I have used 11 types of veneer . One half of the tray is classical marquetry type of veneering and the other half more modern.

Tray with a high rim 35 cm, the use of veneers is different again, the wavy pattern enhances the design 7 type of veneer are used.

A detail of the madelief tray. The goldleaf shows beautifully as wel as the grain of the veneers and you can again judge what kind of quality you can expect.

The latest madelief version, different font, new design, goldleafed flowerheart, diameter 35cm. One of the more complicated trays to make.

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