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Very interesting frontwheel motor, streamlined motorcycle built and designed by Killinger und Freund in WWII.

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Killinger und Freund Friedenstaube streamlined inwheel motor, motorcycle

A group of people around Herr Killinger und Freund in 1938 built a special motorcycle, with a special name, particularly at that time. Based on the scarce material I have made a 3D model.
It is available on youtube, but the better quality movie can be seen below, as well as some webinfo by others.
The information about this motorcycle is very limited, all websites use the same photo's. Only one person claims to have the original design drawings, let's hope he/they also has what remains of one of the motorcycles.

The pictures of the original.

The pictures and drawings of the engine.

The renderings of the Friedenstaube.

Three interesting webpages

with almost all information I could find:
Helmut Reitmeir
Ed Youngblood
Michael Schick

The movie of the rendered Friedenstaube

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