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RC Parapente

Small realistic remote controlled parapente/paraglider, just for fun.

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RC parapente

Parapente remote controlled

This radio controlled parapante can be seen on youtube

I contacted the builder Nace Valjavec, and received the pictures you see below.
He writes the following :
You can see some photos and some details. the model has 2m wingspan, wing area is 0.96 m2, weight of model(total) is 700-950g (depends of thermal and wind conditions), weight of canopy 140g
The models are made mostly of Porcher Skytex, the lower back (colored ) part is made of softer ripstop F111.

You can see the white zone on pilots arms, this is special elastic material which prevents servo damage or arm brakeing.
I have also made a motor version. it will be available soon.
I am making everythng by myself: canopy, pilot, dress, harness and need lot of time. I am also preparing website to sell models.

So if you are interested and want to stimulate such an interesting "invention" mail him: Nace Valjavec

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