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Special cars.

Cars, trikes and motorcycles, that inspire me, and maybe you.

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Special cars

Special car meant to inspire.

Some interestingly different "cars".
Although both the carver and the ecomobile are not built for maximum full efficiency, they are basically very well suited for that.

Dymaxion,Buckminsterfuller took a completely differerent approach to car building then anybody in his time.

Ecomobile,The Peraves ecomobile is an interesting motorcycle that is totally enclosed. A pity they are that expensive.
It is a twoseater, with passengers sitting behind each other.
to prevent falling over at low spaad the ecomobile is equiped with retractable side wheels, similar ot landing gear of an airplane.
The Peraves factory near Hinterthur switzerland, guarantees high quality.

Carver, a Dutch design, is in the proces of beiing incorporated in one of the large german car manufacturers. The little heeling car is presented mainly as a toy for boys.

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