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Domed regular house

A sketch design where a dome was inserted into the corner of a regular house to increase size, light and aspect.

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Dome in a brick house.

some phantasies to make my house more interesting.

These drawings are an excercise in making one building stand out between others, creating a new feel of the neighbourhood and increasing the usable living space.

Embedded Dome

A nice and extreme variation, is this dome "embedded" in the house, making for a phantatsic, open air living on the topfloor.
The topfloor open on all sides to the sky will make you feel part of the outside.
On the second floor the south facing room will ben enlarged in volume but not in usable surface. The feeling of precipitously hanging on a cave roof ovelooking all below will be overwhelming.

Circular roof and garage extension.

This variation increases the third floor to a large extend and above the garage ths same shape is used to create an extra room.

Simple extension

The first variation was basically extending the house backwards including the roof. This increses toatl volume quite a bit, but it also is a quite bland and simple change.
The second one is more interesting both the roof of the house and the roof of the garage are complemented with a semicircular roof section.

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