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Slippery car

Project to design and built a low resistance aerodynamic car.

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Slippery car

Slippery low aero-dynamic resistance car.

Cars are one of the more interesting inventions of the last centuries and have to a high degree changed our way of life, maybe most of our modern way of life is based on our ability to transport ourselves.
That most people in the western society can now own one, to go where they want, is terrific.

Cars are energy inefficient. We drag a totally unsuited shape at high speed through the air, burning fossile fuels at an alarming rate.
Some car manufacturers have put energy efficient cars on the market (the 3 Liter cars) but stil with an aerodynamically unsuited shape. Greenpeace built their SMILE a couple of years ago, but nothing happened after that.

The project
As most websurfers you will have looked at the pictures first and will have guessed what I propose to build.

Use the main components of a Volkswagen Lupo 3L and build a very slippery body around this. The car will be a two people car with little baggage room.
Most car-kilometers are done single anyhow so there should be no problem. The objective is to raise the car's efficiency from 3L to 100km to below 2L per 100km on a highway trip.
By reducing the size and weight of the car I also hope to reduce fuel consumption during town traffic.

  1. Reduce fuel consumption of 3L car to less than 2L per 100km.
  2. Build a beautifully slippery car.
  3. Reduce noiselevel in the car to a whisper.
  4. Investigate the use of videocamera's and LCD screens as rearview mirrors.
  5. Reduce the weight of the car, by extensive use of modern materials.

What am I looking for
  1. A 3L VW lupo, wrecked, but engine intact.
  2. A car mechanic to help build the new car.
  3. Team members to share the design and building proces with.
  4. Reinforced plastic manufacturer to share in the project.

What I can bring to the project
  1. Enthousiasm and great practical skills, look at my website.
  2. Vision.

Some design elements.
  • Nothing sticking out of the carbody, all is flush.
  • The carbody is all around, so also the bottom.
  • Use of video/webcams as rearview mirrors.
  • Silenced motor compartment.
  • Multi-pc monitoring system, including gps, rearview.
  • Fully reinforced plastic carbody.

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