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Human powered, hopping hydrofoil.

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Trampofoil human powered hydrofoil

A mini movie of the original trampofoil, which went bankrupt and is now sold from two separate sources.
The system works by changing the angle of attack of the main foil by hopping. The front foil is mounted on a spring loaded swivel. Clever solution.
The trampofoil can be bought at :
  • Trampofoil, working together with aquaskipper.
  • Aquaskipper, the heirs, of trampofoils.
  • Pumpabike, took advantage of the gap left by a bankrupt trampofoil.
    Much earlier than there was a german scientist who made something similar for traveling sideways, look at the pictures. The movie I got from the web is a bit to large for this site, but I will add a link to the original website. He also had to change the angle of attack of the foils, but did it by hand. A good coordination of hand- and stepping motion makes him move sideways, looks great.

    The pogofoil was an earlier development than the trampofoil, but does not look half as good, although thanks to the floats one does not sink when tired of hopping.
    If I remember correctly this system was proposed quite a long time ago somewhere in the seventies.

    Video from the internet over the years.

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