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RC sailplane with elliptical wings and curved dihedral.

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RC sailplane Hirondelle

Radio controlled model electric sailplane Hirondelle..

Some year ago I bought the plans by Franz-W. Hefner of the Allround sailplane with sickelwings in wood construction. The publisher is VTH in Germany. This single picture on their website intrigued me.
Span 2870mm;
length 1392mm;
wingarea 61.3dm2
Startweight 2000-2400g
RC functions: Direction,height, rollrudders

On this page I present my redesign of this glider to an electric powered glider, with a landing wheel. The span is increased to 3200mm.
The 3D redenerings show a combination of surfaces and design curves, the semi transparent surfaces allow you to better see the construction and lay-out.
The 3D redesign allow for an easy experimentation with the lay-out of servo's, batteries, controllers etc.
Next step will be to transfer the model to a real rendering engine, after that the making of the model will start.
For building the model I bought a set of ribs for the Hirondelle from Karl Faller Flächenkerne und Frästeile, this will make work easier. Progress (when) will ne presented on this website

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