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Canard glider

Sailplane set up as a canard.

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Canard glider.

Canard gliders

Burt Rutan's Solitaire canard sailplaneand others, models and some drawings.

Canard gliders have never really caught on. Burt Rutans, designs for canard motorized planes has a small following in te selfbuilding scene.

Canard planes have a large advantage in circumstances where stalling can occur. The front foil (determining teh angle of attack of the main wing) operates in turbulence free air. The canard design has a front foil with an higher aspect ratio than the main wing making it stall at a smaller angle than the main wing. In the overall wingdesign the frontwing has a slightly higher angle of attack, making it stall slightly befor the main wing and consequently the plane is inherently stall-stable.

Below some examples of canard gliders.

Canard sailplane experiments.

A series of planes constructed and flown by the father of teh curren Archeopteryx builder. He was not so lucky in his experiments, no production version and serious accidents.

Canard sailplane rc models.

Not many but, there are two serious RC solitaire builders.

Canard sailplane laminar flow.

A very interesting RC model, which obviously was just for play. A single image, some screen-grabs(grainy/small) and an amazing youtube movie.

Canard sailplane swept forward wings.

A design excercise, must be carbon fibre, torsional stiff wings.

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