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Oak frame house

Oak framed, grass roofed, open plan house, half underground, windturbine, solar paneled.

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Architecture: Oak-frame eco house

Oak-frame half underground house.

woodframed zero energy house, open plan.

Design objectives

This house combines a pratical shape, modern look with old fashioned oakframe interior. As in all my houses the large glass walls intend to get the outdoors inside. The sedum roof covering on the north side combined with the south side with voltaic solar cells and warm water cells will help geting the house off the grid.
The non glass walls will be extra isolated, the surrounding garden will cover these walls. North side is covered and trees are planted. The South side open allowing the sun's energy to warm the house.

The open plan layout of the house shows the cathedral like oakframes to their best advantage. The bedroom and its ensuite are mounted floating to the westside of the room. They could be open to the room but the design is with glass. The kitchen is not shown, but is in the west north corner of the room.
Utility room can be located under the earthwall leading up to te roof.
The house is meant to facilitate indoor/outdoor living.

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