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Eco house

An off the grid house, with a large glass front to catch as much solar energy as possible

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Architecture: Oak-frame eco house

Oak-frame eco house.

woodframed zero energy house.

Design objectives

his house will not need to be conected to the grid in any way. solar panels and windturbienes will supply electricity. Solar panels will quarantee hot water. Rainwater will be filtered and use as drinking water.
Sewage will be cleaned in reed beds and be re-used.

The woodframe of locally sourced wood will support an heavily isolated north facing roof and will have grass on top.

The North roof will have some windows in it to allow natural light to filter in. we have considered using light tubes, but as long as these have the poor isolation qualities they have we prefer extra isolated windows.

The south facing side will support the solar panels and the glass. This glass will be the window to the living room and for the sides of the house will be part of the greenhouse sections.
The greenhouses preferably will be extensively used to grow plants en in a couple of years will form two green oases at the end of the building. This will allow growth of vegetables all year long.

The upper part of the roof can be openend in summer to let excess heat out.

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