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Some designs which did not leave the concept stage, still in their unrendered form.

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Unrendered design sketches

Unrendered Some designs which did not leave the concept stage.

Design objectives.

With more ideas than time to really work on them I have the habit of sometimes quickly making a model to see what it will look like and what the major design problems are. Some of these models are presented on this page

The thing I wanted to look into was a flying living-room. When tether is wind you could let the line out and as a kite fly above the rest of your house.
The propellor you see is not for propulsion but it is the wind-generator.
The room is fitted with as many windows as possible, so that the view of the world is unobstructed. When the wind dies down simple winch in an you are on top of the house again

This strange building consists of 5 identical units on top of each other but at an angle of 120 degrees. The result is a spiral type of building.

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