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The house that turns with the wind. Every day, every hour, will be different.

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Wing the house that turns in the wind

Design objectives.

The winghouse is nothing more than an experiment, This house is dynamic, it moves and every day will be different.

The house can either be reached by tunnel or by boat.
It is on the small side and had small narrow rooms. It has all the characteristics of a summer house.

The four stories will guarantee excellent ever-changing views.

Imagine a number of these wing house in a lake, Looking like sailboats, maybe some sailboats on the lake as well.

The finish of the wings should be like that of a chrome air-plane wing, including the panels and the rivets.
In the sun the wings and windows will reflect the water and as a consequence of this merge with the water ánd sparkel with light.

The turntable on which the winghouse stands, basically will be a concrete tube, adding stairs will allow this area to be used as a cellar for general purposes.

The stairs in the wing are in de front, the "enclosed" area.
My original idea was to make the wing totally wingshaped ie. with a very pointed end. The problem with this is that it creates "un-usable" area's. That is why I have squared of the ends of the wing.

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