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Organically shaped oakframe houses, with a thatched roof, easily configurable modules.

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Sails the organic shaped house

Design objectives.

The Sails house originally started as a series of shelters interconnected, the design presented on this webpage, shows only two shelters.
The main point of interest is the shape of the shelters and the oak-frames in the forward sail.

The forward sail will have a thatched roof, the second sail, with the utility area's and the bedrooms will have much less glass an provide a secure quiet shelter space.
The orientation preferably is to the South-east. The large windows on the front and the side will catch the sun's rays during the day.

The house is sheltered from the cold wintry weather by the ground running halfway up the North-eastern side of the building.

This is a house that would comfortably sit in an area with shelter to the nOrth east and an open landscape to the South west.

I have considered several construction methods:
  • Free standing laminated wood, with an epoxy finish as used in building yachts. Nice wood structure, durable, epoxy not so environmentally friendly.
  • Concrete domes, cheap, strong, completely open plan-form, easily built and reproduced (once the mould is made) but environmentally unfriendly.
  • Wooden frames with all wood construction an thatched roof, mainly chosen for its character.

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