Volvo P1800 renderings.

Base model bought of CGTrader. Meshes rebuilt and re-cut for my use.

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Webpage for the SEM (Streamlined Electric Motorcycle)

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Webpage for the Dutch Monotracer and SEM

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Flying Dutchman 3D model

Work in proces on this former olympic class dinghy.

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Lapstrake rowing

3D model and renderings a lapstrake sliding seat rowing shell

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Kayak wood laminatd

3D model and renderings of a veneer laminated kayak.

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Renault Juvaquatre fourgonnette

The 3D model, the rendering and the orginals Ranault Dauphinoise.

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Database with digital practice files for Choirs.

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Apiary based on the traditional sheepfolds of the Dutch Achterhoek and Salland regions.

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RIVA style hydrofoil

Re-visit of the RIVA style design for a 2 person motorized electric hydrofoil. V-Ray and 3D Studio Max renderings.

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15 ft Cornish flashboat

In Cornwall they use a very particular style of rowing, combining sweep rowing with sculling.

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Streamlined electric motorcycle, efficient exciting, personal transport.

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Int Dragon class

3D model of the famed international Dragon class sailing yacht.

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Hydrofoil sailing

The hydrofoil sailing evolution that became a revolution in recent years, in pictures.

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Fin swimming

Fin swimming the fastest way of swimming. This fin was developed as an experiment.

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Recumbent bicycle

Why not build one yourself with this design, and join the fast cyclists

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The 1950's hydrofoil, using a mechanical computer they sailed at 30 knots.

#@hanno; june 1995 View »


Hydrofoil kayak, difficult to take-off but tremendous speed.

#@hanno; Mar 2007 View »


RC sailplane with elliptical wings and curved dihedral.

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FD H40

Flying Dutchman H40 on hydrofoils in 1980, an experiment to increase the max speed of a single hulled sailboat.

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3D man

Model of a man for basic ergonomic design, all joints made movable.

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Very interesting frontwheel motor, streamlined motorcycle built and designed by Killinger und Freund in WWII.

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Design for a radio controlled Buzzard at true scale. Control of wingtip feathers and tail

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Sail rowing boat

The winner of the "de Maas" 2001 design competition for a saili, rowing camping boat.

#@hanno; Dec 2001 View »

Domed regular house

A sketch design where a dome was inserted into the corner of a regular house to increase size, light and aspect.

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2 man motor hydrofoil

motorboat, Riva style but with hydrofoils for a smooth elevated ride.

#@hanno; Oct 1998 View »

Oak frame house

Oak framed, grass roofed, open plan house, half underground, windturbine, solar paneled.

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Skate sailing

An easy way to convert your windsurf-sail into an skate sailer by extending the mast with 60cm.

#@hanno; Jan 1979 View »

Light air sports

Flying like you really are flying yourself.
Literally free as a bird.

#@hanno; may 1989 View »

Canard glider

Sailplane set up as a canard.

#@hanno; 1997View »


When sketches were not digital.

#@hanno; 1969-88 View »


RC model of the J-class Endeavour. Original sailplan with consequently a long fin with ballast.

#@hanno; Jun 1996 View »

Eco house

An off the grid house, with a large glass front to catch as much solar energy as possible

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Dune Gooning

Hanggliding with several gliders along the dunes. Intense, unexpected, exhilirating.
Language : dutch

#@hanno; Apr 2001 View »

DN iceyacht

True affordable speedsailing. Competitions at >100km/h at minus 20°C

#@hanno; jan 1975 View »

Underwater cycle

Trying to use our strong thigh muscles, like cycling must increase the underwaterspeed.

#@hanno; Dec 2002 View »

Hydrofoil surfing

Foilboarding, started with Laird Hamilton's adaptation of the airchair for surfing.

#@hanno; 2002 View »


A large collection of images of houses/shelter. Beautiful and natural materials.

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Bicycles, bicycles, ..

Lots and lots of bicycles, concept, wooden, recumbent, rowing, design idea's

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Gravity racers

Small engine-less cars, low roll resistance and aerodynamic efficiency.

#@hanno; 2006 View »

Stephan Nitsch †

Great builder of Lilienthal replica's, but his glider gyro is what got me interested.

#@hanno; sept 2004 View »


Rogallo - Jalbert, dirigible kites became serious propulsion and good fun.

#@hanno; december 1967 View »

1 man copter

super light one man helicopters, personal transportation of the future or just fun?.

#@hanno; july 1985 View »

RC Parapente

Small realistic remote controlled parapente/paraglider, just for fun.

#@hanno; oct 2009 View »


Human powered, hopping hydrofoil. Clever idea, commercial struggle.

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3D house

Doing (doen)
Thinking (denken)
Dreaming (dromen).

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Organically shaped oakframe houses, with a thatched roof, easily configurable modules.

#@hanno; apr 2003 View »


The house that turns with the wind. Every day, every hour, will be different.

#@hanno; sept 2003 View »


the converted spits inland cargo ship, living where ever you want to be.

#@hanno; sept 2000 View »


Some designs which did not leave the concept stage, still in their unrendered form.

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Walking cycle

Jansen beach-animal ("strandbeest") mechanism.
Used in a different way.

#@hanno; jan 2005 View »


Beautiful woods used in a different way, text as part of the design.

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Nederlandse scooterfabriek nv. Van der Gang, Dokkum.

#@hanno; 1950 View »

Slippery car

Project to design and built a low resistance aerodynamic car.

#@hanno; 1997 View »

Back, sideways, front cycle

Project to design a bicycle that allows the cyclist to turn around, while riding.

#@hanno; nov 2007 View »

Sociable bicycle

Side by side cycling, the sociable alternative for a tandem bicycle.

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Hydrofoil idea's

Some doodle's, but also some late 70's tests of some concepts, for fast hydrofoil sailing.

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Special cars

Cars, trikes and motorcycles, that inspire me, and maybe you.

#@hanno; 1970 View »

More house designs

Some more architectural design project, which do not merit a page of their own, but have some interesting concepts.

#@hanno; sep 2006 View »

Windsurfing and surfing.

Windsurfing and surf board design DIY.

#@hanno; aug 1975 View »

Geodesic design.

Domes, domes, canoes and some modern architectural adaptations.

#@hanno; 1975/1995/2005/2013 View »

Bolt in Rhino 3D.

How to make a metric thread bolt in Rhino 3D, a kind of tutorial.

#@hanno; jan 2013 View »

Bicycle gears.

Dirt proof internal gears for bicycles offer great reliability and gear ratio.

#@hanno; 2013 View »

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